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Amber Dinan is the Chief Operating Officer for Falls River Center; an organizational development, consulting, and training organization. Falls River has been designing and delivering training in leadership development, organizational change, coaching, team building and organizational development for over 17 years to 100’s of organizations in the private and public sectors, nationally and internationally.

Amber is involved in all areas of operation at Falls River including: oversight and coordination of all our major programs. She is responsible for the hiring and coordination of staff and oversees course material production. She interfaces with all FRC clients, ensuring complete customer service and satisfaction. Amber has successfully provided project management on some large and complicated nation-wide projects for our clients.  Ms. Dinan is responsible for the design and delivery of FRC’s ropes course programs, ensuring we meet the specific needs and learning objectives of our clients and working with the technical staff to maintain the highest levels of safety and quality.

Amber began working with teams while working with Delta Airlines in Green Bay Wisconsin. As Lead Customer Service Agent she was responsible for the training and development of local staff in all areas of operation including system processes and emergency procedures. As TDY she assisted in the training and development of new staff across the nation in preparation of new station openings.

Amber received her B.A in Sociology at the University of Virginia, with a concentration in Organizational Development. During her tenure, Amber has worked with Falls River Center as a senior technical referent. Ms. Dinan works with all staff and contractors to ensure consistency in safety and quality of our programs. In addition Ms. Dinan has developed and maintained the Falls River Center financial and program delivery systems. She has elevated Falls River from a small consulting group to a business capable of seamlessly delivering multiple, million dollar contracts, working with clients, contractors and conference centers throughout the country.



Amber C Dinan

COO of Falls River Center


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